Freewheelin Web Design (FWD) have been crafting appealing, effective, conversion-driven websites, and making clients happy for years. Responsive/Mobile friendly design & FREE SSL certificates as standard. 12+ years in the game, we know our stuff.

We’re primarily web designers. Which in short means; we plan, design and build websites. We have recently moved into App Development and have partnered with to enable a more organic approach, combining Web/Workflow/Optimisation.

As well as what we DO, we think it’s important to also note what we DON’T DO:

We’re not a full-service agency

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to get your web design, digital marketing, social media management et cetera. then we’re probably not the guys for you. Being a small team, we can’t be experts in all of the above. We aim to concentrate on what we’re really good at: Web design, SEO/Optimisation and Ecommerce.

We’re not the cheapest (nor the most expensive)

We’re not the cheapest out there but we’re far from the most expensive. We can work within most budgets to help you create a realistic goal for what you want to achieve. If you want to build the next Ebay but only have a £500 budget, we probably can’t help you. If your Brother-in-law, great aunt or parrot can do a cheaper, better job, you’re probably best letting them.

Our Approach

We understand some customers may prefer the hands on approach, being integrally involved throughout the whole web design process. Alternatively we also understand other customers may just want us to “Get on with it” we adapt to both approaches!

Our Team

Kris Thain

Kris Thain

Owner of Freewheelin - Web Design | Ecommerce | SEO

I'm Kris, owner of FWD and general jack of all trades. I design, I code, I SEO, I spend hours figuring out things that probably shouldn't take hours to figure out! But that's the nature of being self-taught. I have realised though, through hindsight and collective wisdom, that "No man is an island, entire of itself" and to surround yourself with people who know better ain't no bad thing.
My other interests when not figuring out stuff and looking after customers are:
  • Music - has been a passion all my life, watching rather than participating, last gig I went to was Neil Young and Bob Dylan at Hyde park. Bob was terrible, but he's Bob!
  • Travel - Whenever possible. Broadens the mind, bla bla, but I truly believe this. Visited my friend and business partner (Jay who'll see to the right of me on this page) in Malaysia last year and we flew over to Indonesia to go jungle trekking with the orangutans, a truly mind-blowing and humbling experience.
  • Family - I have a long suffering partner, Tess, who is presently on the front-line working out in the community (#CV-19 Days) so bless her for that. I have two children who are now doing their own thing. Lou my son is at uni in Manchester. Our last correspondence; "Hey up dad, just seen Bez in Asda" and my daughter Lori is taking time-out from her career to be a mum, so I'm also a grandad!
  • Writing - I am on occasion arty-farty and dabble in a bit of poetry, here is a link to my poetry website should you be interested in that kind of thing -
And that's me.
Jason Martin

Jason Martin

Owner of Zensible Solutions - Workflow Automation

I'm Jason, owner of Zensible Solutions. I hate wasted time, routine and repetition so I spend most of my saved time thinking of ways to save more.  In a word, I automate things. I examine what your business does and think of creative and innovative ways to save you from having to do the mundane things. I simplify the complex and I love it.
Travel - Like Kris I love to travel. 3 years ago I embarked on an ill-fated journey around the world by bicycle (seemed a good idea at the time). I managed to cycle over 6000 miles across Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand until a bus intervened and abruptly ended it. I made lots of friends and spend a lot of time returning to SE Asia to visit them. Music - Always loved music, joined a band in my younger days with the dream of living a millionaire rock star lifestyle, had some fun playing in local bars but the real dream of business process workflow automation came calling and I had to leave. Still play the guitar once a year though. Family - 2 great kids, all grown up now and making their own way in life. If you want to know how fast time goes, watch the speed your kids grow up in.  - "Wisdom's a gift but you'd trade it for youth" Every time. Learning - Always hard to define my hobbies but I love learning. I love to start at zero with something and just get progressively better. I'm fascinated with so many subjects. I'm currently learning Indonesian (my girlfriend is from Java), never been good at languages but getting better everyday, Itu aku ;)
Stu Smith

Stu Smith

Owner of Graviton Creations - Illustrator/Digital Artist

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Coming soon...
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